勁正辣脆 Divine Chilli Crisps (牛油果油 - 哇都幾辣吓)(Avocado Oil - Whoa It's Quite Hot) - 100g



Divine Chilli Crisps (Avocado Oil - Whoa It's Quite Hot) - 100g (keto-friendly, not vegan, contains nuts) 中文商品名稱:勁正辣脆(牛油果油 - 哇都幾辣吓)100克(適合生酮飲食/非純素/含有堅果) 點食㗎?我哋嘅招牌醬 勁正辣脆(Divine Chilli Crisps)可以用嚟點食都得!可以放喺雞蛋、pizza、雞翼甚至你最鍾意嘅雪糕上面一齊食,好香好正㗎! 配芝士同埋啲creamy嘅嘢一齊食亦好夾。可以用嚟整開胃前菜(例如涼拌青瓜、涼拌矮瓜),撈飯撈麵一流,又或者簡簡單單用嚟炒菜煮餸,又方便又美味。用嚟整麻辣雞煲宴客,你啲朋友仔會覺得你好勁㗎。另外,店主有幾個好瘋狂嘅朋友會就咁當零食咁食。 成分:牛油果油,辣椒,蒜頭,乾蔥,豆豉,花生,白芝麻,蝦米,花椒,芝麻油,五香粉,純冬菇粉,阿洛酮糖 由於我哋所有醬料都冇添加任何食品添加劑或防腐劑,所以煩請放喺雪櫃儲存,開封後請喺2個月內食用。 我哋所有嘅產品均已經過 Intertek 嘅測試(1+7 營養分析)。 Intertek 係為全球食品行業提供分析和測試服務嘅領先供應商。 Introducing our exquisite Divine Chilli Crisps sauce, a versatile condiment that can enhance any dish. Whether you're drizzling it over eggs, pizza, chicken wings, or even your favourite ice cream, this sauce is a game changer. Combine it with cucumbers for a delectable side, or use it in stir-fries. It's also perfect for creating a keto-friendly Hong Kong-style mala chicken pot. Ingredients: Avocado oil Chillies Garlic Shallots Fermented black beans Peanuts Roasted white sesame seeds Dried shrimps Sichuan peppercorn Sesame oil Five spices Shiitake mushroom Allulose To ensure freshness and optimal flavour, please store our sauces in the refrigerator and consume within 2 months after opening, as we do not add any food additives or preservatives. Rest assured, all of our products have undergone rigorous testing through Intertek's 1+7 Nutrition Analysis. As a leading provider of analysis and testing services, Intertek is dedicated to ensuring quality and safety in the global food industry.

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